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In 1987 through several mergers of smaller credit unions we changed our name to Pinnacle Credit Union. Now we serve all educators in the state of Georgia through either their school system or GAE (Georgia Association of Educators), which includes people involved in daycare service in the Metro Atlanta area. We also serve several hospitals, manufacturers, warehouses, office supply, security, trucking companies and community charters. Today, Pinnacle Credit Union serves nearly 14,000 members and has over $70 million in assets.

Pinnacle Credit Union has over 100 SEGs (Select Employee Groups); please see our list of Employee Sponsor Groups to see which companies have elected to offer credit union membership as a benefit to their employees. Anyone related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption may also join.

"Once a Member, Always a Member" - If you leave your company or field of work you do not have to leave the credit union. If you leave the credit union and you have family members who have joined, they can continue their membership with the credit union.


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